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Here’s some information regarding the Invitational… This year, it is Thursday, June 25th. For those of you who are new this year, we swim an Invitational meet at the Hamilton Southeastern High School (HSE) Natatorium pool against all the clubs. (We switch back and forth between HSE and FHS.) It’s pretty much an all day event - although with our new schedule, we should be done by about 3:00-3:30. You can see the schedule below. First off – it’s really important for us to be there swimming all the events we’ve signed up for!!! Points are awarded for the first 16 positions!!!! So ALL our swimmers have the POWER to earn us points for the total score for the meet! (OK – I know it’s all about playing fair and having fun, but it would be great to win this – especially since we haven’t won in the past few years…) but we’ll definitely have fun regardless… There will be a concession stand so you’ll be able to get any food or bring your own cooler (no alcoholic beverages though – school property… )

***We need to get our list of entrants in by Friday, June 19th at 3:00pm - so if you could PLEASE sign your swimmers up online - the Invitational meet is at the bottom of the page and if you can please put either ATTENDING or NOT ATTENDING so we can know for sure if your planning on attending or not***

We also have a great need of volunteers for the Invitational meet. You can see the opportunities below. If there is something you would definitely like to do, please let me know – otherwise you can just sign up for a session and we’ll assign folks where we need the help.

Tentative Time Line (may change just a little bit depending on the final number of entered swimmers - but we'll have better timetable the week before the meet)

8:00 AM - Check in opens - ALL 6 & Unders MUST Check in!!! Also, parent volunteers check in for Session 1

8:45 AM – 6 & Unders swim their 3 events - We will have one section of the pool sectioned off with the bulkhead for the little kids where the water is shallower and the “helpers” can stand up and not have to tread water

9:00 AM - 7-14 swimmers check in with the coaches.

9:15 AM – main pool is open for warm ups and parent volunteers check in for Session 2A

9:45 AM - main pool closes for warm ups

10:00 AM – 11-12 & 13-14 Individual Medley begin – followed immediately by the Medley Relays, then the individual events (7-14) and then Free Relays

Here are the times the kids need to be there…

6 & Unders – need to report NO LATER than 8:00 AM

Age 7-14 – need to report to HSE NO LATER than 9:00 AM (there will be a warm ups allowed and they will go from 9:15-9:45)

The first heat of the meet will start promptly at 9:00 for the 6 & Unders and 10:00 AM for the older kids

This year, we'll have our own section reserved for our kids on the pool deck… So when you get there Thursday morning, report to one of the coaches to let them know you’re there! The Clerks of Course will help you get in line for your events… With it being such a big meet – they won’t wait for you for your event – so listen to the coaches/clerks and make sure you’re in your lane when your event starts!!!!

Here’s a list of items you might want to bring…

Extra Towels

Extra Goggles

Extra Clothes




Cards & other games

Swim Caps

Theme Decorations for Tent

Costumes (We'll have out theme in the next couple of days)

Instructions for the day:

Arrive and check in with the coaches

Listen for events

Report to Clerk of Course when you hear your event

Stay off pool deck unless swimming or lining up

Write your name (no need for swimmer ID"s for this meet) in Sharpie on your RIGHT arm/shoulder

It will definitely be a fun day regardless of the outcome – so make sure you have fun!!!! We’ll get a chance to do our “Spirit Cheer” after the meet, so we’ll practice during the day and give a great performance!!! We've won this the past couple years

Volunteer opportunities!!!!

1. Invitation Meet Volunteers – Here are the positions needed that we need to fill for the Invitational: You can just sign up for a session and we’ll assign you a position…

Session 1 – 8:30am – 10:00am (6 & Unders)
Session 2A – 10:00am – ~12:30pm
Session 2B – 12:30pm – ~3:00pm

Positions Needed for each session:

Bouncer - keep folks off the pool deck who don't need to be there

Check in Table - help check in volunteers

Clerk of Course - assist in lining the kids from all the teams
Hospitality - working in the Hospitality room

Hostess - help make sure all volunteers have drinks, etc.

Runners - help out the scoring table

Timers - Timing heats (we use the electric timing pads, but we still need two times for each lane)

So, as you can see, we have PLENTY of available opportunities to help out here… Please let us know how you’d like to help!!!! (Please)

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