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All Children with River Glen Swim Club memberships are eligible to swim on the team provided they are under the age of 15 as of June 1, 2020. There is no minimum age, as long as your child can swim the distance in their age category, and is not afraid of the water.

Age Groupings
13-14 year olds
11-12 year olds
9-10 year olds
7-8 year olds
6 and under

$140 (Includes Team T-Shirt)

Team Philosophy
River Glen Swim Team was developed to teach children the fundamentals of competitive swimming in a fun but challenging environment. We stress good sportsmanship, respect for others and achieving your personal best.

River Glen Swim Team Staff
Stephanie Thompson 317 441-6275
Kristy Buehnerkemper 317 509-8912
Doug White 317 289-4483

Practice Times
8:00 – 9:00 am ages 11-12/13-14
9:00 – 10:00 am ages 7-8/9-10
10:00 – 10:30am ages 6 and under

Important Dates
First Practice - Tuesday, May 26
First Meet - Thursday, June 4
Team Pictures - Friday June 5 - 9:00am (no regular practice this day) 
Fundraiser - June 5, after practice (fundraiser will go throughout the day)
Sleep Over - Ages 11-14, Sunday, June 7
Invitational Meet - Thursday, June 25

Basic Terms
Strokes - freestyle, backstroke, butterfly and breast stroke
Event - individual or relay races of freestyle, backstroke, and butterfly or breast stroke
Heat - multiple races within the same event
Event lengths - 25 meters or one pool length, 50 meters or two pool lengths, 100 meters or 4 pool lengths
Medley - race consisting of all four strokes

Age Group Events
6 and under: (2ND heat and on may be assisted)
12.5m backstroke
12.5m breaststroke
12.5m freestyle

7-8 & 9-10:
25m backstroke
25m breaststroke
25m butterfly
25m freestyle
100m medley relay 100m freestyle relay

11-12 & 13-14:
50m backstroke
50m breaststroke
50m butterfly
50m freestyle
100m individual medley (IM)
100m medley relay 100m freestyle relay

Swim Meet Sign Ups

Every swim meet will have a “line up”. This indicates which event and heat your child will be swimming. On the team website, ( you can sign your swimmers up for each meet (as well as sign up for volunteer positions.)  Please check off your child’s name if they will be swimming for each meet. It is very important to follow this procedure because your child will not be in the “line up” if their name is not checked off on the meet roster. The deadline to sign up for a meet is 11am the day before the meet.

If you have not signed up for a meet, but are able to attend, you may swim if there is an available spot. It is our goal to have a fair and accurate line up for every meet.

Swim Meet Schedule

June 04 Home vs. Plum Creek
June 09 Home vs. Avalon
June 11 Home vs. Gray Eagle
June 16 Away vs. Windermere
June 18  Away vs. Summer Break
June 23 Away vs. Plum Creek
June 25 Invitational League Meet HSEHS 
River Glen team awards ceremony: Friday, June 26, 6pm


General Information

Home swim meets; swimmers need to arrive at River Glen at 3:30pm with warm-ups starting at 4pm.

Away swim meets, swimmers should arrive at the host pool at 4pm with warm-ups starting at 4:30pm.

Please remember to bring towels, goggles, swim suits, swim caps, hoodies, and snacks. All pools do have concessions for the meets.

Official start time for meets is 5:00pm. 6 and unders swim all their events first and are free to leave when finished.

League Rules
All swimmers on team roster need to be members of the league pool.
Swimmers are not allowed to wear “club” swim caps. Only plain caps or caps with the summer pool logo are allowed.
All events will be limited to five heats with the exception of 6 and unders and 1 heat of IM’s.
Disqualifications will be limited to blatant errors on first heat only.
Swimmers and coaches are not allowed in the pool unless swimming their event.
Decisions solely up to hosting pool include: cancellation of meet due to weather and announcement of score or win/lose.
11-14 year olds will be allowed to dive into the pool during swim meets. We will teach diving to younger swimmers in the diving well.

Summer Break Pool: 8376 East 141st Street Fishers, 46038
Plum Creek Swim Club: 12338 Medalist Pkwy, Carmel IN 46033
Gray Eagle: 1 Tavernier Dr. Fishers, IN 46037 (12100 Brookschool Rd.)
Avalon: 12826 Thames Drive, Fishers 46037
Windermere: 9811 Windermere Blvd. Fishers, IN 46037
Hamilton Southeastern High School Natatorium: 126th & Olio Rd.
Fishers High School Natatorium: 131st St & Promise Rd.

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